Mid Bow Banana Shape


This shape is a for all rounder player and help multi directional dribbling, right directional passing and hitting.
The Stick complies the latest F.I.H rules and regulation with effect from 01, January 2013.

The assembly of the core with Center Beam with the Lay-up of Carbon, Kevlar and Glass Fiber Strands in different angles with the careful blending of Epoxy to make stiff and increase tensile Strength with finishing of Matt or Glossy.



Length 36 ½”, 37 ½”, 38”
Balance Point 40-/+ 10mm
Shaft width 50mm
Weight ( SL - 520 ) ( L - 540 ) ( M - 560 ) = -/+ 10 Grams.
Compositions 100+,100%,80%,60%,30%,10%


Mid Bow Banana Shape

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Mid Bow  Banana Shape
ART # HS # 06666
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