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About Us

Sheenar Sports is one of the new Company in Hockey Field. But the persons are not new in the Hockey community, Having vast experience in this Field from Chenab Sports. Which were the leading Wooden Hockey Manufacturer in the last Decade.

After a break now we have latest Composite Machinery along with Wooden Sticks.

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News & Updates

Welcome to Sheenar Sports
We are stilll uploaing our new Product Range. Please visit later & check the following products.

  1. Hockey Goal Keeper Equipment
  2. Sports Wears
    • Shirts
    • Shorts
    • Skirts
    • Track Suits
    • Hoodi”s
Featured Products
  • HUBOW 100 Plus Golden Glitter Fabric
  • XLBOW 100 Plus Carbon Black Fabric
  • LTBOW 30
  • GYMBOW 10
  • Padel Racket
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